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What Schoolwink Can Do For You

Services SchoolWink can
help you with

This software can automate and optimize teacher workload. Helps schools to simplify enrollment processing, and enables teachers to monitor student’s academic progress.


Enables you to manage Class and sessions Scheduling.
Enables you to manage school events and holidays scheduling.

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Enables you to manage users accounts by roles (administrators, teachers, students…).

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Provide Understandable analytics and graphics that enable you to make data-driven decisions.

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Exams and tests

Enables you to manage Exams/tests, results and reports.

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Manage courses

Enables you to manage courses, school subjects.
Enables you to store course documents.

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Manage school data

Organize student data with ease. It helps to simplify the task for teachers in less effort.
Enables you to manage school cycles, levels, specialities and sections and customize the school organization.

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Payment mangement

Enables you to keep track of all admissions and library fees, transactions histories, and any other payments such as teachers salaries and students billings.

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Teachers Reporting

Enables you to manage daily teachers reportings.

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Attendances and leaves.

Enables you to manage teachers and students attendances and leaves.

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Roles and permissions

Provides access management to 3 roles:
Administrators, teachers and students.

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Manage Events

Enables you to manage school events and holidays scheduling.

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Manage Students

Enables you to manage students sections and get detailed card about each student information and discipline notes history.

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Contact student/parent using Whatsapp

Contact student or his parents using whatsapp using his number directly from Schoolwink

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Internationalization French/English

Schoolwink platform is available on french and english version

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SchoolWink roles management

Why Schoolwink ?

Easy To Use​

You can manage all school data, and users easily using a user-friendly graphic interface.


Directors, teachers and students have a set of privileges and can only get access to data that it concerns

Save time

Program Management, Class Scheduling and very beneficial in report making


Build using last technologies by experienced team of developers and designers


50$ USD

For full source code of SchoolWnk

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